Little Conestoga Watershed Action Plan

LandStudies worked with the LCWA and key stakeholders in the watershed to develop a new watershed action plan in the summer of 2015, building on existing information, including the original 2003 Little Conestoga Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan, but creating a new vision to guide the LCWA into the future.

The plan focused on inventorying and prioritizing opportunities for watershed improvement projects and provides restoration master plans for five priority sites (Centerville Middle School, Mennonite Home, Conestoga Country Club, East Petersburg Park and Manheim Township Linear Park). The action plan provides guidance to the LCWA on where to focus implementation efforts to improve water quality, minimize adverse effects from stormwater and improve riparian habitat.

Funding for this project came from a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) Grant through the Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County.

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