lancaster county conservation district

This initiative of the Lancaster Co Conservation District helps promote watershed protection efforts throughout Lancaster County; including the establishment of local watershed associations, volunteer water quality monitoring, and education and resources for watershed groups and citizens.

Is a non-profit land trust dedicated to preserving wild and forested lands and clean waterways through a number of effective programs. The Conservancy sponsors the annual Lancaster Water Week, including water week grants which the LCWA has previously been awarded.

The Consortium is a forum for municipal officials, engineers, businesses and others working towards compliance with federal and state regulations, and developing strategies to reduce pollution and accelerate the restoration of Lancaster County waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. The Consortium also provides grants to local watershed groups.

alliance for the chesapeake bay logo

The Alliance’s Mission is to “lead, support, and inspire local action to restore and protect lands, rivers, and streams of the Chesapeake Bay watershed”. The Alliance’s Pennsylvania office in Lancaster has been very supportive of the LCWA group’s efforts.

penn state ag logo

As part of the Penn State Ag and Environment Center, this organization is tasked with reducing the pollution load going into the Susquehanna River by forming partnerships among municipalities, non-profits, and private companies, and implementing projects in the Lower Susquehanna watershed. This includes the “Greening the Lower Susquehanna” which has provided trees and volunteers on LCWA stream buffer planting projects.

LandStudies is recognized throughout Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region for their innovative work restoring streams, floodplains, and wetlands, and creating natural landscapes, with a goal of improving water quality and wildlife habitat. They have been instrumental in guiding the work of the LCWA on many projects.