Little Conestoga Watershed Action Plan

LandStudies worked with the LCWA and key stakeholders in the watershed to develop a new watershed action plan in the summer of 2015, building on existing information, including the original 2003 Little Conestoga Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan, but creating a new vision to guide the LCWA into the future.

The plan focused on inventorying and prioritizing opportunities for watershed improvement projects and provides restoration master plans for five priority sites (Centerville Middle School, Mennonite Home, Conestoga Country Club, East Petersburg Park and Manheim Township Linear Park). The action plan provides guidance to the LCWA on where to focus implementation efforts to improve water quality, minimize adverse effects from stormwater and improve riparian habitat.

Funding for this project came from a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) Grant through the Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County.

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Conestoga Country Club

Growing Greener Grants were used for this stream restoration project including bank stabilization, cross vanes, and riparian buffers. Rain gardens and native meadows were added later with a NFWF grant that helps to filter stormwater runoff from the Conestoga Country Club golf course.

Photo Credits: Conestoga Country Club – Kent Gardner

Bachman Run

In the first phase completed in September 2002, LCWA volunteers planted over 300 trees along Bachman Run in Manheim Township with help from Donegal Trout Unlimited. Phase 2 in the summer of 2005 involved reshaping 3,000 feet of eroded stream banks, providing in-stream habitat structures and a dam removal. Phase 3, was completed in September 2005 to compliment the bank and in-stream project, as the LCWA organized over 60 volunteers and planted more than 600 trees around the stream restoration project.

bachman run

Miller’s Run Restoration Project

In the summer of 2004 the LCWA completed this stream restoration project with assistance from DEP’s Section 319 Program & Rettew Associates. The project on Millers Run was initiated by residents of the Chestnut Valley & School Lane Estates developments. The project involved reshaping 2,000 feet of highly eroded stream banks. Then in September of 2004 as a follow-up to the stream bank stabilization, LCWA volunteers planted over 775 tree species.


LASA Project

This was the LCWA’s first stream project completed and was carried out on land owned by the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority (LASA). The project, located between Charlestown Road and Manor Boulevard, on an unnamed tributary in Manor Township, involved streambank stabilization, fish habitat improvements, & stormwater controls. The group also worked with the adjacent property owner on establishing a forested buffer around the project.

Maple Grove

The LCWA volunteered to help Lancaster Township with the Maple Grove stream restoration and forest buffer project. Rettew Associates provided technical assistance and the project involved streambank stabilization measures, stormwater controls, and riparian buffer establishment.