Who We Are

The Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation formed in March 2000. We bring together a cohesive group of individual citizens, businesses, farmers, non-profit conservation organizations, and local, state, and federal government representatives. As a community we are committed to creating a comprehensive approach to continual enhancement of water quality, stream restoration and preservation of natural resources within the Little Conestoga Creek Watershed.

What We Do

  • We completed a Little Conestoga Watershed Action Plan in 2015 that guides our project implementation efforts.
  • Apply for grants and use them in the restoration of the watershed.
  • Collaborate with municipalities, non-profits and citizens to implement projects for improved water quality.
  • We have community workdays to engage volunteers in cleanup and restoration of stream corridors.
  • Educate private citizens, farmers, businesses and municipal officials about which activities negatively impact watershed health and what actions can be done to restore health to the system.
  • The Little Conestoga Creek is on the List of Impaired Waters by Section 303(d) of the Federal Clean Water Act. We are working to improve the health of this creek and to preserve its resources for future generations.
  • We can make a difference here in our own communities in Lancaster County and downstream in the Chesapeake Bay!
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LCWA Officers

Kate Austin | President

3-year term | December 31, 2019

Kate joined the Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance in 2013. She served as Vice President from 2014-2016, and as President from 2016-present. Kate works for the City of Lancaster Stormwater Bureau as Green Infrastructure Asset Coordinator. Kate is passionate about cultivating multi-functional, beautiful, native landscapes to manage stormwater, provide habitat, and promote greening. Kate lives in Lancaster City.

Dwayne Steager | Vice President

3-year term | December 31, 2021

Dwayne was appointed to the LCWA Board and as Vice President in 2019. He has been a resident in the southern part of the Little Conestoga watershed along Indian Run Tributary for over thirty years. He has been involved with the LCWA since 2018. He serves West Hempfield Township as the Storm Water Officer and Zoning Officer.

Kevin Bogari | Treasurer

3-year term | December 31, 2021

A former resident of East Hempfield Township whose backyard was being eroded by Miller’s Run, a tributary to the Little Conestoga Creek, Kevin saw the results of the Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance’s work further upstream on Miller’s Run in 2004 to reduce erosion and engaged the group on starting a project to do the same further downstream. While a much smaller in scale, the downstream, grant-funded project was completed in 2013. During the course of this project Kevin was elected to the Board and and appointed as Treasurer.

Mark Huber | Secretary

3-year term | December 31, 2019

Mark lives in Manor Township in the lower part of the watershed. He has been involved with the LCWA since 2008, and was appointed to the board in 2013. He got involved with the LCWA because he thought the best way to improve water quality, wildlife habitat and tree cover in Lancaster County was by getting involved with the local watershed group where he lives. He is employed with the Lancaster County Planning Commission as a Senior Countywide Planner.

Andrew Johnson | Director

3-year term | December 31, 2021

Andrew was appointed to the LCWA Board in 2019. He lives within the Little Conestoga Watershed and is an active volunteer with conservation groups in Lancaster and York counties. Andrew is the Lancaster Branch Operations Manager for Sunrun, a solar energy provider.

Jose Diaz | Director

3-year term | December 31, 2021

Jose has been an LCWA board member since 2008. He lives in the Grandview Heights neighborhood of Lancaster, and he works as a grower at Green Leaf Plants near Smoketown. As a horticulturist, Jose understands that the well-being of our community and natural environment depends on how well we maintain the quality of the water that we use. Only with the protection of the soil, vegetation and wildlife from erosion and contamination, will we be able to accomplish this goal. As Jose says. "This is one of the endeavors to which I am dedicating part of my life in the present".

Phil Mellott | Director

3-year term | December 31, 2019

Phil was appointed to the board in 2016. He serves as the Director of Public Works for Manheim Township.

Friends of LCWA

Matt Kofroth | Friend of LCWA

Matt has served as the Watershed Specialist at the Lancaster County Conservation District for over 20 years, and has guided and advised the LCWA since its founding in 2000. Matt helps us stay organized and focused, keeps us in the loop about grants and funding and provides excellent technical guidance. We are thankful to have had him as our adviser and friend through the years!

Bill Ebel | Friend of LCWA

Bill is a founding member and former long-term board member of the LCWA and is still an active and valuable part of the LCWA today. Bill has always been an active community member for environmental and land use issues and serves on numerous boards, including the Hourglass Foundation and the Lancaster County Coalition for Smart Growth.

Kelly Gutshall | Friend of LCWA

Kelly is President of LandStudies and is a recognized leader in the field of ecological and sustainable design. Kelly has led many of LandStudies key consulting initiatives for the LCWA, including the new Watershed Action Plan and the design of the East Petersburg Demonstration site. However, we especially grateful for her attendance at our meetings and the constant support and guidance she has provided to us.

Mike Kyle | Friend of LCWA

Mike is a former Board Member of the LCWA, having previously served as Treasurer and Secretary. He has been the Executive Director of the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority for 19 years, and has been in the clean water business for nearly 40 years. Clean water is not only his occupation but also his passion – he is one of the founding members of the LCWA, and has been active in various volunteer efforts, including County and multi-state Chesapeake Bay task forces, and is past-President of the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association and the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association.