To preserve and enhance the watershed for it's citizens and the environment through education and restoration projects.


The Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance (LCWA) is a non-profit Pennsylvania organization, founded in October of 2000. We are a group of citizens, businesses, non-profit conservation organizations, academic institutions, and local, state and federal government representatives that have joined together and are committed to a common purpose.

Through grants and volunteers, the LCWA has become a reality. We have several sites around Lancaster in different stages of restoration and have proposals for many more. Our goals are to enhance the watershed for its citizens and environment. We will do this through education, volunteer action, and cooperation with local citizens, governments and corporations, in order to achieve a healthy watershed.

Objectives of LCWA:

  • Providing watershed education to citizens
  • Involving municipal and county officials in restoration endeavors
  • Assisting agricultural professionals with streambank fencing and water management programs
  • Securing funding for restoration activities and projects
  • Utilizing native plant species in restoration projects


East Petersburg Green Infrastructure BMP Demonstration Site

June, 2018

The Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance is partnering with East Petersburg Borough to convert the site into a Green Infrastructure BMP Demonstration Area, which will result in a sustainable landscape where a variety of green infrastructure BMPs will treat stormwater naturally, resulting in improved water quality, increased wildlife habitat, and reduced maintenance.

The majority of Lancaster residents obtain their drinking water from the Conestoga and Susquehanna Rivers. The Conestoga River Watershed has the highest nutrient concentration of any watershed flowing into the Susquehanna River.

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